Busier than ever

I’ve been wanting to put pen to paper, so to speak, for quite some time now. I fancy myself a bit of a writer, but one can’t be a writer if they don’t write, right?

I recently read this and it made me a little sad that the “blog” is going by the wayside. I’ve known this for quite a while, but it hits home when you read somebody else actually saying it. Can our lives, thoughts, actions and feelings really be summed up in 140 characters? I’ll be honest. I read the anecdotal tales on facebook. I read them everyday. If you’re reading this, chances are we are friends on facebook and I get pelted without mercy about your trips to the grocery store, what your kids ate for dinner, why you can’t wait for the next episode of your favorite show or pictures of EVERY meal you eat. I’d much rather the entire world be forced into recapping these goings on in a blog. Here’s how it could work.


Hello blogosphere!

I’ve been missing for quite some time. Where have I been? Held captive by gorilla soldiers in some far away land? Lost at sea? Lost my mind and went to the nut-hut for 3 month stay? Nope. I’ve been busy. Busier than I’ve ever been in my life and its awesome. I kind of enjoy not being able to find a spare hour to sit down at the computer to write snarky bits of satire that nobody really read. Well that and I literally broke my laptop’s screen in a fit of rage. An ill-suited right hook connected a little more squarely than I expected and my less-than-beloved laptop was rendered useless. Interestingly enough, it succumbed to a catastrophic hardware failure only two days after the fist-to-screen fiasco. Related? Doubtful. Easy to claim it to be? Yep.

Why did I destroy my laptop? I actually don’t remember the exact scenario, but I do remember it had to do with a work project and my laptops refusal to respond to my elementary commands. This brings us to the next reason why I’ve seemingly disappeared. Work.

Owning your own business is only for those of us that hate ourselves. If you’re remotely fond of yourself, work for someone else. If you enjoy giving yourself pain and more headaches than you can imagine, open your own gig. Sure its rewarding. The hours are great…because you make them. The boss is never an ass and the money is ALL yours. No more bringing in however-many-dollars a day for somebody else just to get a shitty check at the end of the week. What you make is what you get. Sounds good enough until you realize the government gets 35% of every dollar. You only find this out after you retain a CPA that makes too much. Oh, there’s an insurance company involved and a lawyer and on and on and on. My disappearance is loosely based on getting the answers to many a business question, having to pay the knuckleheads that answer the questions and having to actually work to make money to pay these guys. It’s a vicious cycle.

I’m a dad! I have 3 (count that…one, Two, THREE) kids. Its summer so they’re all here, all of the time. I’m starting to become a huge fan of year round school. So besides being sales, marketing, labor, accounting, warehousing and purchasing for my company I’m also a, chef, maid, butler, activities director, chauffeur and probably 14 other things.

I’m also a son that lives dangerously close to his parents (by dangerously I mean a leisurely walk gets you to their house…or you can get there by car faster than your car realizes you don’t have your seatbelt on and starts dinging at you. ding-Ding-DING!!). This certainly has more advantages than disadvantages, but the point is, I spend quite a bit of time there, thus leading to less opportunity to blog.

So, I’m a small business owner with 3 kids that goes to his Mommy’s a lot. Any one of those would dash any hope of writing, but the trifecta equals silence. Not even the sound of crickets have been emanating from me.

Let’s take a quick look at how things are going:


My business rocks. We’ve been really busy and work keeps coming our way. The last 7 or so days have been a bit slow, but otherwise we’re doing really well. I’ve chronicled in previous entries exactly who we are and what we do, but the bottom line is… If your house is broken we can fix it. In all seriousness, we do super solid work and for incredibly reasonable fees. Feel free to pass our info along to anybody in need.


They’re great. The boys are on week 2 of summer vacation and seem to be adjusting back to the lives of sloths quite well. The baby (she’s 1.5 years old now) is the best child a parent could ever hope for. Smart, beautiful and learning the art of smartassedness quite well for such a young age. I couldn’t be more proud.


Well, I virtually never have a minute to myself. When I do it is always past 10pm and I typically spend the next 2 hours fretting about my business in a sleeping pill educed fog. Sleep comes late and the mornings come early. One day, I fully expect to sleep for a continuous 24 hours, because no human can go forever on the amount of sleep I get in a nightly basis.

I’ve also been invited to go the PGA Tour tournament in Bethesda Maryland next weekend. It is the AT&T National. I’m a huge golf fan and I’ve never seen the pros in person. Very excited.

Otherwise, I am the same me. I probably have bigger bags around my eyes than I should, I have a killer farmer’s tan and my tolerance for nonsense is at an all-time low, but all-in-all I am exactly who I’ve always been.

I doubt very much that I’ll post again any time soon. I look forward to reading on facebook about your trip to the pharmacy tonight or about how awesome your husband or wife is. I can do without the stupid ecards and all of the damn recipes. One word people: Pinterest.

Do yourself a favor and start a blog. It can be fun for you and it can entertain us for more than 3.4 seconds. Write about your day or write about nothing at all. Just write. Its very therapeutic.


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