R-Rated Celebrities and children’s shows

Snoop Dogg Lion
Cee Lo Green
Jenny McCarthy
Katy Perry

What do all of these people have in common?  They’re rich and famous?  What got them there?  I think it’s fair to say they are pioneers (Jenny McCarthy doesn’t fit that) in pushing the envelope on what is accepted in society.  Let me rephrase…These people have walked right up to the line where censorship begins in earnest and at least two of the people on my list threw a big “fuck you” (quite literally) to any forms of censorship and continued to produce music that is intended for MATURES audiences only.  This doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy it.  I certainly have over the years.  Let’s pick on my list of people for a minute to see exactly why they are as well known as they are.

Snoop Doggy Dogg.

Snoop hit it big when he collaborated with Dr. Dre on an album titled “The Chronic”.  The artwork on the CD is nothing more than a gigantic marijuana leaf.  After the release of “The Chronic” Snoop went solo and released a number of albums that were huge commercial successes.  One of the biggest was “Murder was the case”.  An 18 minute short movie / music video / mocumentary about the real life events that landed Snoop in court defending himself against 1st degree murder charges.  After beating that rap, Snoop has moved on to continuing to produce gansta rap featuring lyrics that are racially motivated, derogatory towards women, promote gang warfare and talk about killing cops, etc…  He’s also produced pornography and may or may not be a real life Pimp. 


I’m not going to spend much time talking about him.  Take everything Snoop did, minus murder charges and pimping and imagine a white guy doing the same thing and you pretty much have eminem in a nutshell.  Life was hard on the 8 mile road…we get it. 

Cee Lo Green

He burst onto the scene as lead vocalist for the group Gnarls Barkley.  His next stop was to release a smash single called “Fuck you”.  He’s currently defending himself in a sexual assault case. 

Jenny McCarthy

This is one of my favorites.  What is Jenny McCarthy famous for?  Selling herself as the goofy, silly but still sexy chick.  She’s the girl you want to be with because she’s funny and can hold her own with the guys on a football Sunday.  She popped on our radar after posing in Playboy.  Not once or twice, but six times!  Most recently in the July/August 2012 issue.  This wasn’t a flash-a-little-side-boob spread, folks.  This was a full spread complete with sneaky-peakies at her cooter.  But, for all of this she might still be even more famous for marrying Jim Carey.  I guess she’s had a TV show or two, but nothing I’ve ever seen.

Katy Perry

We’ll talk more about her later, but she’s famous for songs like “I kissed a girl (and I liked it) and for carrying her boobs around in shirts that defy the laws of physics by managing to keep them from popping out. 

So, these people are all famous for being accused of murder, rapping about gang life, singing songs about “Fuck you” and kissing girls and for posing nude.  Right?

The other common denominator is they are all the darlings of children’s shows.  Yup.  They are.  And, it PISSES me off. 

I’m a father of 3.  Two boys 12 and 10 and a 1 year old daughter.  It’s safe to say that I have been watching nickelodeon for the last 12 years more than I’ve watched anything else.  A few years ago, I started to notice more and more of Snoop Dogg on Nick’s special programs.  Maybe an appearance at the Kid’s Choice Awards or two and he’s a huge part of Nickelodeon’s Christmas specials.  Why?  Why is a children’s only channel partnering with an entertainer that is a self proclaimed purveyor of working girls and is the quintessential poster boy for pot smoking?  It’s bullshit.

The other day, the one year old and I were watching Sesame Street and the special guest was none other than Jenny McCarthy.  Why in the hell is Playboy’s July / August centerfold teaching my kid how to count?  Didn’t we learn our lesson when Katy Perry made an appearance on the show, but it was banned because she was showing too much cleavage? 

Look, I’m the last person that wants censorship in our country.  I have no problem with any of these celebrities.  I bought Snoop Dogg’s albums the day they came out back in the 90’s.  I have no problem looking at a naked Jenny McCarthy while listening to Cee Lo Green telling the dude “driving ’round town with the girl I love” “FUCK YOU” and I could care less about eminem singing about “two trailer park girls going ’round the outside”, but I’m 34, damnit.  My daughter doesn’t need to grow up thinking that she has to have her tits on display like Katy Perry or that the way to get to the top is to take off your bottoms for the camera like Jenny McCarthy. 

More concerning for me is the ease of influence on my 10 and 12 year old boys.  They both have iPod’s, know how to use google and watch more programming youtube than they do on a real TV.  What happens when you search “Snoop Dogg” on youtube?  You get get videos for his 90’s hits and the 10th result is him making mashed potatoes with MARTHA STEWART!  Really?  Now, not only are the kids desensitized from his appearances on Nickelodeon, but he must be a role model if he’s pals with Martha Stewart. 

When my kids grow up to smoke weed, pimp bitches, think its ok to pump a cap in the mutha fucking cop’s ass and walk around with their boobs and cooters on display for all to see, do I blame myself for not censoring their viewing of Nickelodeon and Sesame Street or do I blame the producers and network executives that are more concerned about pulling in the 18-34 demographic for their ad revenues.  You try to teach your kids the difference between right and wrong and to “just say no”, but when pop culture muddies the water, how do you keep them straight? 

I don’t know.




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