Hiatus no more

“If you love something, let it go.  If it comes back, its your’s forever.  If it doesn’t come back than it was never meant to be.”  …or some crap like that.

Well dear readers, I came back, so you must love me and The Delligator Papers is your’s forever.  The past two weeks or so have been some of the busiest days of my life…

1. We bought a house
2. We consulted with a contractor on remodeling the house
3. We stripped the entire house of EVERYTHING (full story below)
4. Found out last night that the quote for rebuilding everything was off by half.
5.. I’m still a stay-at-home-dad (it’s harder work than you can ever appreciate…unless     you have done it).
6. I’ve been job searching.  That’s damn near a full-time job in itself.

Regardless, the last few weeks have had me on the go from just after 6am until 10pm or later most nights.  The precious few minutes of down time I’ve had have been spent with the family or the Military channel.  Hey, don’t judge me.  I can’t get enough of WWII in color.

The story of the house

Sometime in January we decided to start looking for a new place to rent.  I’m not a fan of renting in general, but it made sense for us for another year.  I was recently out of work and already carrying a mortgage.  She had her own reasons laced with validity for not wanting to buy right now as well, so we set out to find a suitable apartment or house to hold us over until it made more sense financially and otherwise to purchase a home.

Finding places to rent sucks!  It’s hard.  You know damn well that there are a ton of houses for rent but you don’t know where to look to find them.  The newspaper sucks, Craigslist will get you killed and the free guides in the grocery store entrances never have what you’re looking for.  Couple this with our desire to live in Etters, PA (side note – Etters, PA doesn’t exist.  It’s not a town on a map, it’s just a code for where mail is sent to.  Don’t believe me?  Try to find it…you can’t.  You’ll find Lewisberry, Newberrytown, New Cumberland, York Haven, etc, but you wont find Etters.  However, “Etters” does refer to a specific area somewhere between all of those towns, but again, it doesn’t really exist.  Confused yet?  Unless you live in the greater West Shore area [another area that doesn’t actually exist on a map] you are now totally lost and I’ll get back to the point) we couldn’t find squat.  Luckily, Baby Momma has a great relationship with a local realtor so we enlisted his help.

He helped us to find exactly two properties.  Hip hip hooray!!  One sucked and one sucked a little less.  We actually offered to take the less suckiest of the two, but alas, it fell through anyway.

Basically after giving up, we applied for a mortgage just to see what would happen and lo and behold, we were approved (ok, she was, i wasnt…details schmetails..) and there was a perfect house in our price range.  We made an offer and they took it.

We settled last thursday and immediately went to work on demoing EVERYTHING in the house.  Carpet, baseboards, window trim, wallpaper, random walls, bathroom, lights, switches outlets and random paneled walls were all more or less removed.  Here’s the proof:


Our lease expires on 04/30/12.  That gives us just over 3 weeks to have this house ready to go.  No problem, right?  We have a contractor.

I love our contractor.  I really do.  He is a “friend”, is super talented and has a subcontractor for every specialty job.  However…

He waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay underestimated us and now the “official” estimate is somewhere in the neighborhood of twice the original “off the top of his head” estimate.  I spent the last week literally destroying this house and now I don’t have enough budget to rebuild it.  (insert the YOU FAIL music from The Price is Right”.

Enter Delligator General Contracting.  As I told Baby Mama last night, at least our grandkids will be able to say “my grandma and grandpa built this place with their own hands”.  I mean, I’m handy, right?  I watch HGTV like nobody’s business.  It can’t be that hard, can it?  In my life, I’ve drywalled, painted, installed trim and baseboard…I’ve never done flooring, but if the yahoo home owners on HGTV can do it, so can I.  At least this is what I’m telling myself.

Losing my job is what gave me the cash to be able to buy this house and now not having a job is going to afford me the time to rebuild everything I ripped out.  Imagine the horror playing through my head last night recalling every piece of trim that I ripped off that in hindsight I could have just painted.  Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

My plan for the next 3 weeks is going to be keeping the newest minigator during the day and the second Baby Momma gets home from work, go to the house and dig in until I can’t see straight.  Wish me luck.  I’ll post updates as I can.

In completely unrelated news:

I have a job interview next week.  It seems like something I might actually be interested in doing.  Hoping the pay is where I need it to be.

Minigator #3 turns 4 months old in just over a week.  She’s the happiest baby the world has ever seen and is plain ole stinking cute.  You can see updated pictures on my facebook page.  If we’re not FB friends than you are S.O.L.  Lo ciento.

The Phillies won the season opener today.  Gmart sent the following text:

“even if they win 100 games by a 1-0 score, it still counts as 100 wins, right?

I responded with:

“not if all of the wins are against the pirates.  if so, they should only count for 3/5ths of a win”

I fear for the Phillies.

The Masters app for iPhone is the bomb diggity.  You need this if you are a golf fan.

I still havent seen the Jersey Shore season finale.  It’s been a thorn in my side for what, 3 weeks now?  And, I missed American Idol last night.  However, I did get to see DeAndre get the boot tonight.  I’ve been asking for Wile E Coyote to drop an ACME anvil on his head for some time now.  Although my dreams didn’t come true, I guess getting kicked off the show will have to suffice for now.

That’s all I got, Folks.  Until soon.