There goes the neighborhood.

I was 23 when I bought my first house.  Think about it…23!  What were you doing at 23?  Probably just finished college and were taking your first real job (probably had nothing to do with your degree, either…right?).  Maybe you skipped college and were still in a haze of smoke and hooch, struggling to make the next lot rent payment for your lovely trailer or maybe you had your shit together and was buying a house just like I was.

The fact was and is, I DIDNT have my shit together.  Yeah, I had a good job, but I was in way over my head.  I had recently dropped out of college (the reasons why could make for a blog post one day), had a one year old son and more credit than I was really worthy of.  I thought I had a good relationship with his mom, but I didn’t.  I thought I had the world by the balls, but I didn’t.

I left that house and the life that came with it 5 years, one more son and a marriage later.  I gave it all away to escape the atrocities being committed against me on a daily basis.  Thanks to the graciousness of the Police on the scene (haha! typing that makes me think of Vanilla Ice and Ice Ice Baby “police on the scene, know what i mean?  They passed me up and confronted all the dope fiends) I was able to grab a few things upon my exit.  I grabbed a laundry basket full of clothes, my wallet and a few important docs.  Everything else, including my sons stayed behind.

I spent the following years living with my Grandmother.  She’s a saint.  She’s saved my ass more times than I can ever possibly begin to thank or repay her for.  Although I never really replaced any of the material items I left behind (My room was small…and pink.  Not much reason to run out and buy a 60” TV and home theater system, right??) I did find myself with my boys quite often and I made the best of the situation.  I spent the next 5 years there.

Fast forward to today.

Baby Momma and I have a great relationship.  I legally have full custody of my sons (The Mini-gators) and Baby Momma and I were graced with a baby girl in December.  Other than being unemployed, things couldn’t be better.

The interesting thing about being unemployed is I found myself with a pile of money.  Bizarre to say the least, but I can confidently say I am in the best financial state of my life.  What to do…?  What to do……..?

Buy more toys???
Invest it??

Hell no!  I say spend it on a house!


I snapped this picture a week or so ago after our bid was finally approved.  Do ya dig the sold sign?  I do!

What a hassle getting the final approval was!  We purchased this house on a short sale.  If you have the patience, I highly recommend searching for a short sale house.  Without getting into the specifics…we saved approximately 30% off the current market value of the house.  However, if not knowing what is coming next, if you will or will not get the approvals needed from all involved and without a timeline for knowing when they will or wont…it’s not for you.  although a hassle, it’s actually going quite smoothly for us.  We just have the home inspection to get through and then we’re all set.

It’s been since January 2006, but I am finally re-entering the world of home ownership and I couldn’t be any more excited.  I’m super stoked to have a great home and location to raise my children with Baby Momma.  I’m ecstatic at the idea of having a grill again.  Hell, I might buy a damn smoker to go with it!  I’ve missed working on my house and almost can’t wait to have my first official “honey-do” list.  The house is also literally 200 yards down the road from my mom’s.  I should be able to bounce Titleists off of her roof with a 5 iron (it’s downhill to her place).

Etters, PA…you are hereby forwarned.  The Dellingers are coming to set up shop.

I think my buddy JVH put it best.  He lives 5 doors down from the house we’re buying.  In response to my good news on the seller’s acceptance of our offer.

“Jesus.  There goes the FUCKING neighborhood.”

This goes out to JVH.  See ya soon, pal!

***For some reason, I can’t embed video.  Do me a favor and click the link, mmkay?***




8 thoughts on “There goes the neighborhood.

  1. I was going to ask how Becky like being referred to as “baby momma”, but I see its her screen name so I guess its ok!!!

  2. Can’t wait to have you guys nearby but Jared did put it best….There goes the fucking neighborhood!! Ha Ha & everyone thought we were the reason for that!! You guys will be a great asset to our lovely neighborhood!!

  3. oh yeah…I went by and it looks like nothing is going on there…I will keep checking!! what is with the time on here it is only 10:13 RST!!

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